Revitalizing Genealogy & DNA Integration

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Extending the Knowledge of Clays

Our goal is to join forces to research, learn, extend, teach about, and preserve the history of the Clay families world wide, for our and future generations. Click here to see Exciting New Field Trips!

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We invite you to become an active part of this web site and

  • Share your pedigree to your Clay line and your Clay brick wall for inclusion in our master database of Clay Trees and Branches stored in our The Next Generation website
  • Learn how to analyze your DNA and extend your Clay tree
  • Become acquainted with cousins though our history, genealogy and DNA
  • Together we can break through brick walls, merge branches and extend family trees.

As an organization we meet in person and virtually to share research and visit historical Clay sites, cemeteries, research facilities and libraries. 

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Let us know about your Clays, where they lived, what they did, where they are buried. Enjoy reading our newsletters (Pieces of Clay), gathering reports, articles (Potsherds), and other items in the top line members only menu.

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Revolutionizing the Integration of Genealogy & DNA

Revolutionizing Genealogy & DNA Integration

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Calling All Clay Men!

As a surname society, we need your Y-DNA. Please Click Here to See Why.

If you are a male Clay or know one, please do or have them do the following:

  1. Join the Clay Family Society here
  2. Order your yDNA test and create your FamilyTreeDNA account here (we may be able to help)
  3. Log into your new FamilyTreeDNA account and then Join the FamilyTreeDNA Clay project here
  4. Have questions about FamilyTreeDNA – go here

OR… email our DNA administrator at with questions.