Board Members

Elected Officers/Directors

Position – [Term] – Name – email address

President [2018-2022] Casie (Clay) Branson

Vice President [2016-2020] Pat Dunford

Secretary [2018-2022] Ned Boyajian

Treasurer [2016-2020] Nancy (Clay) Cook

Publications [2016-2020] Mary (Bobbitt) Richardson

Membership [2018-2022] Luke Clay

Director-at-Large [2016-2020] Linda (Cheeks) Pittano

Gatherings Director [2021-2023] Finney Clay

President Appointments

Historian: Marcia (Hasson) Hovenden

DNA: Bill Schultz (Primary), Pat Dunford (Assist), John Clay (Assist)

Lineage: Keepers of the Genealogy Trees & Branches

Webmaster: John Clay

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