Changes At FamilyTreeDNA

Dear Group Project Administrators:

We hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy in this new year.

Like every small business in the country, the past year has given us pause. We were faced with the tremendous challenge of not only finding ways for the business to survive the pandemic, but simultaneously, making FamilyTreeDNA stronger, more resilient, and ensuring its promising future. A future full of growth not only for ourselves but for the hundreds of employees who rely on our business and the millions of customers around the world who look to us to deliver pioneering advancements in consumer genetics and genealogy.

After many months of consideration, we are delighted to report that FamilyTreeDNA and its parent company, Gene by Gene, have merged with myDNA, a leading Australia-based genomics company whose outstanding reputation, innovative vision, and pioneering genomics technology will allow the company to expand its product offerings.

Most important to us in evaluating this merger’s suitability is our shared principle of DNA privacy protections and ownership. myDNA will retain the existing privacy policy and terms of service.

Our customers can expect a seamless transition as our new CEO, Dr. Lior Rauchberger, a respected physician and leader at the intersection of science and technology, takes FamilyTreeDNA and Gene by Gene into an exciting future filled with innovative life-changing advancements while continuing to invest further in FamilyTreeDNA’s genealogy products and service offerings.

Although we will miss being involved in day-to-day operations, we are excited to see the next chapter of innovation and growth as board members. As we leave our roles as executives of the company and pass the baton to Dr. Rauchberger, we send a big virtual hug to each of you and express our sincere thanks to all of our Group Project Administrators. We appreciate not only your dedication to your respective projects but your support of FamilyTreeDNA as a whole over the past two decades. Your contributions have been and will continue to be vital to the health and growth of the company. “Thank you” seems inadequate when, frankly, we would not be the company we are now without your efforts, but we say it anyway.  

Thank you.

Bennett Greenspan

Max Blankfeld

Author: ashipmate

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