Our Mission


This Society has been formed and incorporated for educational purposes to encourage research and foster understanding of the genealogy and history of all branches of the Clay family. This includes activities that support the study of genealogy, family history, regional history, and in particular the origin of families surnamed Clay, without regard to variant spellings of the name.

How We Got Here


In 1999 a group of Clay family researchers formed the Clay Family Gathering to help researchers gain further knowledge of the Clay Family. At our first group meeting in Williamsburg, Va. in 2001, it was decided to form a Clay Family Society to band together for further research of Clay, Claye, Klee, del la Cley, all spelling variants of the name world wide. By the end of 2018, we have identified a dozen “top of the line” Clays who appear unrelated to each other. You are all invited to join with us to share your family and perhaps help close the link to and from our individual branches of the Clay “family.” We are always looking for those pieces of the puzzle that might help tell us from where our ancestors came, and who they were!

Join US: We’ve Researched a Lot of Clays

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