CFS Board Member Leontyne Clay Peck

Leontyne Peck has traced her heritage to Henry Clay of Madison Co.,Virginia.

 Mrs. Peck is an educator/entrepreneur with more than 20 years of commitment and experience in African American Cultural Programs. She received her education at Potomac State College, American University, American University of Rome and West Virginia University. She has taught sociology as well as state and local government. Leontyne is the recipient of a host of awards, including Who’s Who Among African Americans, Maryland Business & Professional Woman of the Year, Maryland Commissioner on African American History & Culture and a Ford Foundation Scholar in African American Studies.  She is married to Lyle Peck and is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of one granddaughter. They make their home in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is the author of Our Mother’s Dresses
and Silver Children-The African American Family of Henry Clay.

Member Leontyne (Clay) Peck, of Charlottesville, Virginia, has completed her second book on the Clays and it is available for purchase. Leontyne’s first book, Silver Children-The African American Family of Henry Clay looked at the family and origins of Henry Clay, a free man of color in Madison County, Virginia. Today, she takes us a step or two further with her journey to find her DNA ancestors — African, European, and American. Our Mothers’ Dresses carries forward from Silver Children and also introduces us to her “found cousins” in the Clay Family. Many photos of “our mothers” appear in the book, and yes, their dresses! For an autographed copy, email Leontyne or order from her publisher at:

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