Forum Access & Roles

  1. A Visitor (casual web browser) can read any general membership post by clicking on Forum in the Public Menu and selecting Clay Forum. A Visitor cannot create a post or comment on a post.
  2. Contributor is a CFS member. The Contributor Role can read any general membership post and comment on any post, but cannot create or edit a post.
  3. An Author is a CFS member that has submitted an email requesting to summit an article, which has been approved. This member may then be promoted to the Role of Author. An Author can read any general membership post, create general membership posts & media, and edit his/her own posts & media, but cannot edit another Author’s posts or media.
  4. An Editor (Board Member) can read any page, post or media, create any type of page, post or media and edit their own pages, posts and media. In addition to general membership posts an Editor can create Special Access posts that are only visible to other Editors (i.e. Board Members).
  5. The Admin (webmaster) can read any post, create any type of post and edit any type of post (primarily to prevent SPAM and ensure the inclusion of the correct categories and tags, which will ensure our best chance of being included in Google and other search engine results).

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