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Dues are currently $15 per year.
A payment covers one home.
Each home gets 1 vote at Gatherings – where officers are elected.
You must have an email address to join and we like all members to provide their most recently known surname Clay deceased connection during the Registration process. 
Join & Pay in 3 Ways:
  1. Preferred Way: Register First then Login and pay with PayPal multi-year subscription – automatically pays your dues every year on the anniversary date (you do not need a PayPal account, your — most credit cards will work).
  2. Next Best Way: Register First then Login and pay with a PayPal 1-year payments – expires 1-year after the payment date so you will have to renew your payment each year.
To Register First (options 1 & 2) the join process involves 3-steps: 1) Register 2) Login and 3) Pay.
  • The Registration First process is somewhat detailed
  • After click “Click Here to Register First” please read the instructions carefully
  • Then fill in at least all required fields (they have an *)
  • Then Press the “Submit” button – you should now get an email from (please make sure this address is in your directory and does not go to a spam folder)
  • Then Login with the Username and Password your created during Registration
  • Then Make your PayPal of Credit Card payment on the page you land on after Login
  • If you have a problem please send an email to explaining the problem.

Click Here to Register First

   3. Easiest Way: Registering after Payment
    1. Click on the Donate Button on the Home Page, Donate $15 and add “For Membership” in the Comments field.
    2. Snail-mail a Check for $15 payable to Clay Family Society and your email address to:
      Clay Family Society Treasurer
      Att. Nancy Cook
      1908 Quail Crossing Rd.
      Burkeville, VA 23922 (you must include your email to Nancy otherwise you are just donating)

Ned Boyajian President

Start Date 11/12/2022 - Please rate your reaction.