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The next Gathering

As resolved at our most recent business meeting, we’re thrilled that CFS will start offering members at least one field trip every other year. Enthusiastic to see you and to explore our Clay roots, we hope to hold several field trips in 2023. These will be guided events in places of interest to our Clays. Typically, they’ll take a day or an afternoon though some might stretch longer. There will be no charge by CFS to attend. All travel, lodging, meals, and other payments will be left up to attendees. Trip leaders may make some recommendations.
In most cases, CFS members should feel free to invite one or more guests. Some locations restrict the number of people who can gather without permit. This may or may not come up from time to time and will be worked out with the trip leader.
When possible, we’ll take copious photos and videos to share on the CFS website so all members can enjoy.
Richmond / Williamsburg / Jamestown: C’mon Down

Mary Richardson, Leontyne Clay Peck, and Nancy Cook live near Richmond and are eager to welcome small groups.  One day trips are available to see Clay sites near Mary’s.  Two day trips can include visits to the Library of Virginia. Three day trips can add trips to Williamsburg and Jamestown.
One thing to consider: the National Genealogical Society 2023 Family History Conference—Virginia: The Deep Roots of a Nation—will be held in Richmond from May 1 through June 3. A “Clay Tour” for CFS members who attend the conference could be offered.
To sort out agreeable dates, email Mary at
Henry Clay’s Big Apple
New York City, Saturday October 21.
Not much from Henry Clay’s day remains in New York City, but Ned Boyajian will welcome us to the Big Apple where we’ll visit sites of significance to the Great Compromiser and other members of the Clay families. Interested? Email Ned at
Clays & Cousins in the Big Easy
Tentative: Saturday December 16.
We’ll see the exteriors of sites of historic and familial interest. We’ll pay our respects to Clay relatives in an historic New Orleans cemetery. And Ned Boyajian will share stories of how Clays and cousins helped shape the legendary city. Intrigued? Email Ned at
Possible: We’re also talking with Eric Brooks of Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, to see if a field trip there might work out this year.
More ideas for more trips?
If you’d like to lead a field trip—pretty much anywhere in the world—let the Board know via, and let’s sort it.