Shawnee Indians Clay Family Massacre

In celebration of Halloween the Clay Family Society has been telling eerie host stories passed down through the ages.  One such story is about the Michell Clay family and the amusement park the was erected on the site. The Lake Shawnee Amusement Park is an abandoned amusement park in Rock, West Virginia.

View a video about the Mitchell Clay story by clicking on the link below.  View the full 16 minute video to see the amusement park’s scary history, or just 2 minutes about the Mitchell Clay massacre.  Video will open in a new browser tab.

Start at time 11:13 and end at time 13:34 for only the Clay story and minimum advertisements.
Click here to see the video

To read the full story of the massacre click on From Cabins To Coal Mines, 1799-1999, Volume I
Also of interest… On Halloween day (31 October) in 1835 Nestor Clay, a nephew of Mitchell, died from wounds received during the Indian raid. Both he and his wife were re-interred in Austin’s Pioneer Cemetery in 1936.

Nestor Clay’s residence, known as Clay Castle, was completed by his brother, Tacitus, in 1836.

Author: ashipmate