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Author: ashipmate

6 thoughts on “Website Feedback

  1. I love the new website, but I would change two things: 1) the background is very busy and distracting when trying to read text; and 2) the sliding posts need a backward and forward arrows so users can control how long they want to view a topic, or determine where and what link they want to click on. It slides so quickly there’s no time to read and you have to wait for the topic to roll around again – very frustrating.

    Also, my login to the Clay Family Society doesn’t work in the Clay Family Genealogy Pages. If a different login is required for that site it would be helpful to know in advance.

    Otherwise, the main menu and sidebar options are well done and user-friendly. Well done.

  2. Suzanne, thanks for the feedback!

    As for the background, I understand, but many like it and I think you’ll soon get used to it, so we’ll keep it unless we get a few more comments like yours.

    As for the “sliding posts” there is a way to go backwards. In the upper left corner is a row of hard to see little square white boxes and you can jump around by clicking on any one of them. Not exactly what you are looking for, but close.

    As for the Genealogy Website, you must first Register for an account in that completely different website that uses a program call The Next Generation (TNG). To Register your same Username and Password that you use here, please read the Submenus that drop down when you hoover over the 5th tab (GENEALOGY WEBSITE) on the Members Only Menu (horizontal black bar).

    John, CFS webmaster

  3. There is too much going on in this website. There is fine information here, but I tend toward simplicity. The scrolling bar along the top in particular is distracting. The permanent link could just be links, I think.

    My login worked fine and I appreciated the help when it wasn’t going well. I have updated my profile, but there were odd . [periods] in most of the boxes, and the . seemed to be a default. I hope you can access the information properly. Let me know if I need to do something again.

  4. Rogers, you are right, you were heard and I finally figured out how to get rid of that scrolling Forum bar.

    Your Profile is fine. Hope you enjoy the site and I’m always open for more feedback.

  5. John,
    I left you some comments via email. HATE the wallpaper – get rid, please! Also, overly complicated and difficult to navigate. Have a good think about how to simplify this (I have my own website which is an active source of business so I know whereof I speak!)
    I am sure this is a labour of love and you are working for free, but its is a bit of an Alladins cave at the moment, I am sure there is good stuff here, but where is it?

    Cheers, Jackie

  6. Jackie,

    It would take wild horses or the President’s direction to get me to change that background.

    Back in about 2002 or so, founding member and CFS Historian, the late Robert Young Clay, an archivist for the Library of Virginia as well as a gifted artist, recognized that perhaps we should have an image that would be particularly recognizable as “Clay.” He chose a “badge” as it tends to be a group item, as with the 18th Century Clan “crest badges” of Scotland, which imply group solidity. The components of the Clay badge have specific meaning. The trefoil (look like clover) is a component that is found in many English Clay arms. The belt is of Scottish origin,

    “Crest badges may be worn by anyone; however, those who are not entitled to the heraldic elements within, wear a crest badge surrounded by a strap and buckle. The strap and buckle represents that the wearer is a follower of the individual who owns the crest and motto.”

    Regards, John

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