Why Do I Have Trouble Logging In?

  1. Know where to Login – on large screens 1st click on MEMBERS LOGIN [PRVATE] arrow and then the Login tab

OR – On a small screen 1st click on the hamburger icon, 2nd the arrow to right of MEMBERS LOGIN [PRIVATE] tab and 3rd  the Login tab.

2. If you get into a circuitous Login loop, 1st try to clear your cache as shown below. If that doesn’t work, please send an email to webmaster@clayfamilysociety.net explaining your problem.

3. When you think you are Logged in, test it by clicking on MEMBERS MENU and then Directory.  If you see members who have updated and saved their Profile then you are in!

4. If you do not see yourself in the Directory, please click on YOUR PROFILE and complete all fields with and asterisk “*” then press the “Submit” button all the way at the bottom of the page.


Author: ashipmate