Why, What & How to Post

Only members with the Role of Admin, Editor or Author can create and publish a post in this forum.

NOTE: If you do not have the role of Editor or Author, but would like to post an article. Send it as a Word or Pages formatted document to Publications@ClayFamilySociety.net. Remember to include a relevant image.

The Roles of Admin and Editor can both create a post and edit a post.

It’s important to keep this forum open to the public (if we want to attract new members through Google). If we do this, anyone who Googles anything with “Clay” in their search term, will find our website. This is facilitated by Admin ensuring that proper categories and tags are assigned or added to published articles in the Forum. Categories and tags are key attributes used by the various search engines (think Google) to create their search results list.

A good post is a definitive article of about 1,000 words that helps attract new members, solves a membership problem, or solves a Clay Family Society researcher problem. Before you post an article, think about what solutions you have already accomplish in Clay ancestry research. All potential and current members will benefit.

  1. Make sure your content is worth reading. Content is king in both helping current members and attracting new members. Good topics will generally include the subjects or categories of this website’s menus.
  2. Add new content regularly. Nothing kills a site like stale content. Forums are particularly susceptible to this problem because posts are listed in chronological order, and each post prominently displays the date it was written.
  3. Keep your content organized. This is accomplished with good coordination between Author and Editor, in that a good forum is ruthlessly arranged by relevant categories and tags.

Authors & Editors: To create a post do the following:

  1. At the very top of your website screen in the black banner click “+ New” and then “Post.” You are now in the WordPress Dashboard and on a blank Post.
  2. You create a post by adding a title, Blocks of text and supporting media. So start typing and periodically click the “Save draft” button in the upper right corner.
  3. When you are finished with your 1st DRAFT click the “Preview” button in the upper right corner and look at your work, which opens in a new browser tab. Check your post for any slips, errors and mistakes.
  4. When you are done checking your work, close that new browser tab and you will return to your draft post.
  5. Now is a good time to add a “Featured image” and any pictures that you want to embed in the text. Click on “Set featured image” and you will end up in the WordPress Media Library. If the picture you want isn’t there just click on the “Upload files” tab and load the image from your computer. After the Featured image shows up in your Post click on “Save draft.”
  6. To embed an image within your text click the little square with the plus sign to open a new block and select “Image” from among the possible options. When the image is where you want it click “Save draft.”
  7. From the right hand menu select “Categories” that apply, “Tags” that will help search for subjects not found in categories. Also, leave “Excerpt” blank, and under “Discussion” leave “Allow Comment” checked. Do not check “Allow Pingbacks & Trackbacks” and DO NOT change the “Template:”
  8. When you have finished all your edits to your DRAFT click the “Publish” button in the upper right corner.
  9. That’s it!
  10. You can now navigate back to the live side of WordPress by clicking 1st on the WordPress icon (W in circle in black box) at the top left of your Post an 2nd on the little house icon or words “Clay Family Society” at the very top left.
  11. Your article may be posted live immediately, or be placed in a queue for review and editing by the CFS Editor and then curation by Admin.

Author: ashipmate